Ana + Armando got back around midnight last night. We lay around for a while + then went down to the office after talking with Dave Abbatangelo. Morey Finch came by + said Laura had her house up for sale. Norm Dailey in and Bob Keegan who had a worse hangover than we did. Spoke with Shirley + evidently the Michelburger business is momentarily settled. John Fratilla has sold 4 pools this weekend so maybe at last he’s going to pay off. One being dug today. Dick + I went to – “wig world” + asked for a limp unattractive wig. Funny. But got a hideous one. Then we went to the Mint for an oyster stew. They’d closed the oyster bar so we went to the golden nugget for lunch. Picked up a few odds + ends at the Stop’n’go and went by the dig. Mr + Mrs. Dazey of Dazey Travel Service. She’s a branch mgr of First Nat’l Bank. Went home. had planned to nap but John Painter called + needed Dick – so he went off again. I called Leon + Virginia Martindale who told me all instructions would be in the mail tomorrow. I told her how sorry I was about her husband. We had chicken for dinner + watched TV. Ana’s brother came in with Armando. He seems very nice. Dick played with Jeffrey for quite a long time. We went to bed early