Oh my – another grand day Woke up with the hangover of the month. Dick off to the office before I woke. Called him + he’d thought I was mad at him (vice-versa true too) I had coffee and read + worked on the puzzle I’d given him on the 8th Sort of fun. Made myself a large sandwich with a beer. Dick home about 12:30. All his fires still lit. We went over to J + J’s to pick up the car + had a drink + then Dick walked home again in a snit over nothing. [crossed out letter] So I stayed. George called + then he called the house + asked the service to let him ring through no answer. He called back to tell me Dick wasn’t home. Next call was from John Painter who said the sheriff’s office had called + Mrs. Michelburger had put in a complaint on Dick + they were looking for him. I switched to coffee + Jack went out looking for Dick. Found him at home + brought him back the whole story put-on those Michelburgers have got to be the craziest people going. Dick called the sheriff’s office + they told him there was no complaint. we went home + had more to drink + a sandwich + went to bed early. All of this comes under the heading of a very lost weekend.