Well – excitement today – Ana + Armando had special delivery letter from her brother to the effect his plane was coming in at 2 am this morning. They were all set to go to L.A. Tried to persuade them not to go. Made a reservation for Paco on Western at 3 o’clock [crossed out words] + called Pan Am to make sure he’d arrived + then had him paged to no avail. They felt they had to go so paid them + off they went in the VW. 15 minutes after they left Armando’s cousin Marcos called. Paco was with him + everything fine. Oh well. My script arrived and I don’t think the part’s all that good at all. Also think I’m too fat for it blah blah blah. Letter from Dorothy saying they wanted me to bring a wig “limp hair” – hmm. went out shopping. Had told Dick I’d see him at 5. Called home at 4:50 as I got held up and he was pretty drunk. Wanted to go out to dinner with Jack + Joyce. When I got to the house he was all ready to go. Drove like a nut + I said I was going to walk home. Jack + Joyce got dressed + Joyce insisted on driving so Dick walked home. Oh hell. Then called me up to say “Thank you for the lovely evening” click. Joyce said I must be some kind of a woman to put up with Dick’s moods + I said he changed them so fast I couldn’t keep up which is why I didn’t get more upset. I got smashed + quickly as I hadn’t eaten anything all day – We went to the T Bird + left (long Line) + the Silver slipper where I played 21 + lost while J + J went out to eat. They brought me home some time late.