Jack over to fix the lights – fixed them so well they won’t go out now! Guess we have a bad photo electric cell. Dick off on a tangent again thanks to last night’s meeting. I wrote cards to Susan, Margie, Patsy + Abby sent candy grams to Aunt Hope + Uncle Jack, the Glicks + Mom, Cassie + George. Casey called to say that Betty Isom had gone to the hospital last night at ten o’clock. I sent her some flowers and flowers to Rich Ware + Daddy. Found out from Lee at Roseland there’s an unpaid bill for $31.05 from John Fratilla last October. He’d sent long stemmed roses to his wife + charged them to the company. Had thought he was in charge!!! I told her no charges from anyone but Dick were permitted. Spoke with Shirley. Got groceries. Roast beef for tonight. went to the tropicana + lost money. Broke my resolution. Pretty dumb. Dick home drunk + straight to bed wouldn’t eat dinner + that’s dumb too. [ctrossed out words] was up again + very cheerful about 9:30. had some cake + pudding – Talk about changeable moods –