Jack over at 7 – coffee – I went to work in the library. Called Leon + read him Marie Wilkerson’s letter. Had breakfast + got into conversation about evolution with Ana which took some time. Spent about 5 hours going through papers + old correspondence (this years) + 2 years of Christmas cards etc. Managed to almost clear off my desk Really did make a dent – Jimmy Judge over in the afternoon. Gave him the typed acct of the mask. Had coffee + learned some of his problems they’re pretty monumental. He’s driving back to New York on [crossed out letters] Tuesday or so to return a car + see his parents – 86 + 87. offered him a check for $150.00 to cash or not depending on necessity but he said to wait. I went to the grocery store for a few odds + ends. Leon called [crossed out letter] to tell me he had a 3 day job – really good part- on Family Films for me. the 18th, 19th + 22nd Is sending the script airmail special. Paul Prokop called last night but when I tried him couldn’t get through. Did get through on Mary’s line but then it was busy 3 times at her end. Dick was home about 5:45. Bill Blackmer stopped by briefly. Dick off to Swimming Pool Association meeting at 6:30. I read a good detective story “The death of me yet”. Augie Woeltz called + asked me to make a reservation for him too on the 24th After nice supper Ana + I made a pound cake from a mix for Dick. I finished my book + then wrote a few cards – Mary + Les – long – + David + Debbie, Jessie + James. Went to bed about 11:30. Marlene’s Father called. her wallet missing out of her purse while in the store. Oh Lord. No word from Bill Rehn today about the money + Dick had to pay $2,376.00. God!