Worked most of the day on valentines. Paid mortgage – Pecos – only $225.00 this time. Went to the store + got dollar bills + groceries. bought a few more valentines + came home. Called Dick Rund + found he’d sent all our tax stuff to George Hall. Wrote long letter to Hilary + got cards with notes off to Newcomb + Anne + children. Cotton, David, Linc + Susan, Winnie + Mather + Harriet. Co + [crossed out letters] Russell + Anth. A dollar for all the children except for an extra $5 for Cotton’s Indian boy. Called Anne Cleveland about the language records + found they’d already gotton cassettes. Also that Jimmy O’Callaghan is really Jimmy O’Carroll. Wild Duck doesn’t really stimulate the memory. Susan got an A on her french report – Whee [crossed out letter] Ana + I had a nice diet lunch in mid-Valentines. Dick home at 5:30 – I bathed + washed my hair, we had a nice early dinner + I took off for Shirley’s about 7:15. Like the addition. We went to Esther Wallace’s without difficulty, I drove. Adelaide Deutsch her partner. Funny evening from Shirley’s + my point of view. I played abominably. Got faintly better but still wasn’t bidding correctly. However due to extraordinary cards we won. Esther’s husband not home, the children crying – etc. He came home about 10:15 + She wouldn’t speak to him. Got back to Shirley’s after 11:15 – had a drink + came home. Dick asleep. He talked with Bill Rehn today + Bill’s going to try to get up the $2,000 cash to extend the loan. We really can’t afford it.