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– Earthquake in Los Angeles –

eclipse of the moon.

Dick at six am asked if I hear felt the bed shake I hadn’t. Minutes later I did. Jack over at 7:15 said there had been a bad earthquake in L.A. Turned on TV + sure enough. Worried instantly about the house. Oh God how I want to get that sold + off my hands. Listened + began to feel the canyons had not been affected. Newhall area, San Fernando Valley + down town L.A. the hardest hit. Danger of dams breaking + some 6,000 people evacuated. I wrote note to Sue + Carl + belated birthday card to Caren Broman. Packed books for Sue + Carl + books for Daddy. Took Ana to the Doctor’s at noon. Such nice people Dr. Zivot was just great with Ana. He was extremely surprised that Bill Harris hadn’t shown up to see Daddy. Said maybe he’d had a few too many cocktails + hadn’t remembered. Dr. Zivot gave Ana an injection and anaesthetic + said when it wore off to take aspirin. In the mean time to be very careful about using the hand. We had lunch + I brought her home. Sped through school zone + was stopped but the officer did not give me a ticket. Was thoroughly shook. Letter from Marie Wilkerson saying she was sending the book to Grosset + Dunlap. The only thing we can hope for is a reprint + that’s dubious. Took escrow papers to the office for Shirley to peruse. She brought up some excellent points but a little depressing. Dick mailed everything for me. Also my last years income tax was sent to George Hall. Bought a couple of books at Dana McKay’s Came home + helped Ana a little + then came to library. Looked for back taxes which I thought were complete + ’67 is missing. Peter? Oh hell. Nice steak dinner Dick home late after swimming pool meeting. We watched TV + went to bed. Dick up at midnight to see eclipse