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Dick off at 7:30 – Our 2nd anniversary. I finished Manley’s book – Talked with Ana. Left at 10:30 – after calling Alice. Went to [crossed out letters] the Boulevard. Picked up Ana’s watch at Sears went to Hallmark and bought Valentines + Birthday cards. Saw Elaine + had lunch with her Bought 2 puzzles + a little book + big one for Dick. Also got the Dorothy Parker biography, Louis Auchinchloss’s new book, a childrens’ book by Richard Hughes and a sale copy of “Naked Came the Stranger” – Went to Cleaners + Safeway. Home by 3. Ana got her period – had been panicked + afraid she might be pregnant again. She also got a letter from her Mother so everything is serene on that front. A beautiful bouquet of roses arrived from Dick. Another note from Ed Fancher enclosing a poem to Bill by Charles Martin. Bill’s birthday is in 4 days. Same as Lincoln. I paid bills + wrote a card to Lincoln. Library such a mess “this mess is so big and so wide and so tall, there is no way to fix it no way at all.” Dick home around 5:30. Three pools sold. One to be dug on Wednesday. Another cash + the third awaiting approval We watched TV. Esther Wallace called about playing bridge. Tried to get Shirley. Not home. Dick went out to get wine for our anniversary. We were both very diet conscious all day. Ham, yams + salad for dinner. Watched “Hanging Tree” + then “Our Man Flint” – So many commercials with latter we fell asleep before the end. Mr. Fernandez over with new soap for dishwasher – Had bad accident but he was unhurt.