Up at 8:00. Left at 9 – after a really nice visit – brief but just what we needed. Got to the airport at 10:20 – Enough time for coffee + fruit at the airport. Annie bought us some anniversary gifts – paper place mats, towel + New Mexico tray – Short good flight with a drink + lunch. Home at 12:00. Armando [crossed out letter] came to pick us up. No word yet from Ana’s brother. Letter from Ed Faucher enclosing letter from Steve Seelye to Norman Mailer. Ed said he felt guilty – Christ – I do too but on many accounts. Have got to get started in library. Dick off to office. I muddled about the desk for a fast 15 minutes + then settled down to read “Death Valley in ’49” by W. L. Manley Dick home at 4:30 – Was a little drunk as we’ve decided tomorrow is the grand reformation. Ana fixed us dinner + we ate off trays in bed + watched TV. I stayed up til midnight to see all of “Flight of the Phoenix.” We’ve seen so much these past two weeks its time we did settle down. But what [crossed out word] a lovely time we’ve had.