Moonflight landed + happy.

Up around 8:30 – breakfast. utter relaxation – Dick walked to Gonzales’ store just opened. The air clear + sharp – we went out for a drive – saw a tree covered with birds + saw a flock of herons in a field – drove to all the little towns around + between Socorro + Lemitar. Got out to look at the old church in Socorro – 1595 – alot of old spanish houses. Drove around the university + then went on to San Antonio (birthplace of Conrad Hilton) where we had hamburgers. Long drive to Magdalena – once a big railroad town with cattle + mining. Now not much of anything but a wonderful looking old old hotel. Went up to Kelley a ghost town. Rough drive but fascinating. It was getting cold + we were far so didn’t get out except to go into an old church. Several women were opening it up to clean as we went by. The old mine was roped off. Got back to Lemitar about 5:15 – Had a drink + then drove to Socorro for Mexican dinner at La Casita + then went to see “Mad, Mad, mad, mad World.” My 4th time, Annie’s 2nd + Dick’s first. He laughed + laughed + I was so glad we’d gone. It was funnier than ever. Back to the house for a lovely fire + night cap. Annie read what I’ve done on Simply John + Madge + was very enthusiastic which was nice. Said she wished we could get together + do something about Spring St. I said I didn’t know if I could + that I write very slowly + Annie said But you write well + that was a big compliment. Blah Blah Blah. Bed about midnight.