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Up about 9:15 or so. Much the worse for wear. Annie had called + left number to reach her at Never did get her. Coffee + juice with Daddy + Anne + Dick. Dick went out with Newcomb + we sat around + talked. Saw the rest of the house. Anne thin + looking lovely though tired. We had lunch at the airport. Hated to say goodbye to Daddy. Felt very tearful. First class flight to Albuquerque via Wichita + Denver! Called Annie from Denver, thank god, + got her All met at the airport an hour + a half later. We’d had two double drinks on the plane + had a cup of coffee at the airport. Drove 70 miles to Lemittar. Still light enough to see at the beginning of the ride. Enormous spaces but not the deserty feeling of Nevada. Picturesque churches. Lemitar very small. Loved Annie’s house. Felt very much at home. It’s small + made of adobe with high ceilings. The furnishing just right and her improvements were all just right. Looked at before + after pictures – Worked on a jigsaw puzzle while Annie fixed a pot roast Had a few drinks + ate good meal. Then sat by the fire + talked for a while. Bed about 10:30 or so + instant sleep.