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Up about 6 – washed hair + got packed. Not taking much so no trouble. We had breakfast at 7:30. Jack over to take us all to the airport. Paid Ana + left $10 for possible expenses. We all flew 1st class but couldn’t sit together poor Dick stuck with a talker up in front of us. First stop Phoenix – we got out + looked around. Daddy stayed on plane reading Manley book. Had drink + lunch + then put down in Oklahoma City. We got off + made our reservations for Albuquerque + back to Las Vegas none too simple + part has to be 1st class. Went to have a drink but had forgotten Oklahoma is dry except for beer. Last leg to Tulsa very short. Newcomb there to meet us. temperature 30° – good to get Daddy prepared. On drive to house Newcomb pointed out various projects of his. Very impressive although the pointing + turning around had me pressing on imaginary brakes. Their new house is beautiful Love the lines + love the setting. They had Daddy upstairs but I suggested to Larry he offer Gramps his room on the ground floor which he promptly did. Dick + I were on two day beds in Susan’s room. The children all very dear + little Mat is a very sweet baby + friendly. Took to Dick straightaway. Frankly I like our guest accomodations better than theirs but there’s alot about their house I was very impressed with especially sun porch + breakfast area + yard + utility room – also the space around the bldg – Had good dinner after cocktails with the Bailleres. Funny. Anne asked me to tell a story about the fire in our backyard in Riverdale then thinking things were under control, she went to the kitchen. began with the two Hungarians + Daddy interrupted loudly to say they were a couple of homosexuals – got to Dr. Taylor + Daddy observed he was a horse’s ass that day. The story trailed off pretty limply. Dr. O Callahan came over after – like him I drank too much. Stayed up til 2:30.