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Up + breakfast at 8:30 – Really wonderful food + service. Our maid “Ronie” had brought me a needle + thread + I tacked the lining of Daddy’s jacket. We left before ten + went down to the Borax museum at The Ranch + then to The Death Valley museum at the Visitor’s center. Both fascinating. I bought “Death Valley in ’49” by William Lewis Manley who was there + came out + went back to bring out his friends. I’ve gotten so much more interest in this country now + so much more of a feeling for it. We drove off by eleven – on through more of Death Valley + similar country. I drove part of the way. Dick had suggested eating in Shoshone but we were making such good time we decided to press on. Dick said he must have been bitten by the tse-tse fly as he kept falling asleep so I drove alot of the way. We were back in Las Vegas after passing through the Pahrump Valley + coming over Spring Mountain pass by 1:30. We went to the Macayo Vegas for lunch, stopped at Dazey Travel agency for our tickets + then came home. Dick went straight off to the office. Daddy packed + I lay down for a bit + read. Started on the Manley book which is terrific reading. Alice Turner called to ask us for lunch on Friday. explained we were off + she talked with Daddy. Tina Anika called to say she’d gotten a B on her paper thanks to my help – that’s nice. I called Leon but no answer. Same with Harold Stern. We had an early + very good dinner. I also called Casey to make our apologies for not having them over. This has been the most wonderful visit and I think no, I know that Daddy has had a good time. We all went to bed early.

Very high wind + swirling sand today