Hangover today – Didn’t feel too snappy. But washed hair + put on facial mask before lunch + came out looking alive at least. We had nice low-cal lunch. Daddy wrote postcards + I futzed about the library. Newcomb’s check came for Leuse and Daddy + I went to the bank + I got a cashier’s check. Then over to the Boulevard. We walked the length of it. Went to Hickory Farms + got some cheese + some banana chips. Saw Jerry Copeland at the Interior systems where he’s working now. Went to B. Dalton’s but Elaine wasn’t there. Discovered my order for the Phantom tollbooth had never been placed. Madeline Johnson said her mother’s going to call about a pool [crossed out letters] next week. Home + napped + read. Dick back a little after 5 + we all dressed + set out for the Bentley’s. Arrived at 6 Love their house. Nice house guest Carol Taylor. Aaron + Terry Zivot the first to arrive. Bill Harris + wife Connie, Dr. Bauer whom I’d met in ’61 with Ramsey Straub at an Orthopedic convention in N.Y. Jerry Higgens a very funny young man. Mr. Nelson Neff who’s secretary of the Nevada Medical Association. Barbara + Bill Rydell – she’s my 2nd cousin + I liked her. Louie + Armand Scully. John Payne + maybe 1 or 2 others. A very nice group and I thought a lovely party despite the fact Dick went out to sleep in the car. Bill Harris went with me to get him when dinner was served + we walked about a bit. unnoticed. Bill Harris coming to see Daddy tomorrow It’s 10:30 + bed.