An odd day – was on edge alot of it In the morning did a little desk work. wrote Lucille Brown, Annie, Jim Brown Scotty + The Time Pattern Research Institute about Dick’s horoscope. Had to call Mom Michels again for Dick’s time of birth – 2:15 pm. Paid answering service + sent in S.A.G. ballot tried to call Harold Stern. couldn’t get him. Tried to call Bill Tregoe for Clem Brace’s address. Today’s variety had news of Isobel Lennart’s death in an auto crash. John Harding was seriously injured. Virginia Martindale’s husband died a week ago and John Dall. It’s very depressing. We went shopping after lunch and then down to the office. Nothing doing there. Drove out Boulder Highway almost to Henderson + came back down sunset Road. Jack + Joyce came to dinner bringing little Sue who devoted herself to Jeffrey. Dick went to bed abruptly at 8:30. Daddy about 10:30. J + J left at 1:30 A very drunk evening but basically pleasant except for Joyce yelling at Sue. Ana washed the kitchen floor very late before dinner + nothing was ready when I came out to help I upset her + she was in tears.

Dick has hired a new salesman – named of course John –