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Woke at 7 – Dick in a happier frame of mind Thank God + we made love. Coffee at 8:30 + then we went down for breakfast. Checked out about 9:45. Another really gorgeous day. Got to Lucille’s motel at 10:30. Got into her car and she drove us to the new assembly building and took us around. At eleven they went into session and Daddy sat with Mahlon Dick + I sat with Lucille in the gallery. Saw Mel Close + said hello. Mahlon introduced Daddy + then us altho he said Mr + Mrs. Jim Michels! After we met a few more people + went over to the old capitol bldg. Went upstairs + saw the constitution etc + many other things we hadn’t seen last time. Read all the plaques + placards. Mahlon met us back in front of the assembly + drove us up to Lake Tahoe. With the snow it was really worth the drive and we had a good good trip. Came back to Hunters for lunch which Mahlon paid for although he had to leave early. Were treated to a fashion parade of furs as we ate. Next stop the Museum which is in the old Carson City mint. Saw the U.S.S. Nevada pictures + silver set, the USS Reno + USS Carson City. A marvelous display of native Nevada animals + birds. Old fire arms fossils etc. Was very impressed with the place. Daddy pretty well tired by the time we left. Also drove by the Governor’s Mansion. Left Lucille + drove to Reno. Went by the Bower’s mansion. I drove for a while back to the airport where Dick + Dad had their shoes shined. Got back to Vegas at 6:20 + home by 6:45. Good letter from Timmy + a few odds + ends. Les had gone home. Leon called + no sweat about the Simply John outline. Another pkge on the way. Nice dinner of stuffed peppers + then to bed after a perfect trip.