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Dick up + off at 6:30 to get things lined up at the office. I packed + bathed. Daddy up at 9. Our plane took off at 10:45. Nice flight Reno covered with smog which was a shock got the car + went to the Paradise Hotel which we liked a lot. We had adjoining rooms over looking the Truckee River. Had a nice lunch + drove to Virginia City. Dick had had a drink on the plane + 2 martinis at lunch + kept nodding at the wheel. As it was all mountain roads + hairpin curves I poked a hole in his back trying to keep him awake but he wouldn’t let me drive. Daddy was blissfully unaware. The scenery was really gorgeous and the roads clear. We were so fortunate to have hit this break in the weather. Virginia City was largely closed up but we did see the slides + lecture + then drove around – past the hall of justice + the opera house, the Castle, the 4th ward school house, The mansions Went in to the catholic church and drove around back roads. Much more of a feeling this trip of what the town had been. 35,000 people now a few hundred. On the way back stopped for coffee + pie for Dick. Back to the hotel about 5 + all settled down for a nap – Daddy to read. Lucille called + I said we’d meet her tomorrow at 10. We had dinner in the Shore room. Wine, a string quartet, had our pictures taken. All lovely. Took Daddy upstairs + then came down to gamble. [crossed out letters] I lost $40 + Dick after winning lost 200. We cashed a check + Dick lost more + went upstairs I stayed down + tried to win it back unsuccessfully but not totally. When he came storming down to get me I had $181 of the 200 we’d cashed Also had switched to coffee + did not feel I’d been doing anything too wrong It was 2:30 am.