Up early – Today Dick did not drink except a few beers + he was great all day. In the early morning I called Phoebe Bentley to confirm Friday. Called Alice Turner + then Lucille Brown in Carson City. They’re going to call us tomorrow night. The weather is fine up there + everything will be open. Called Hertz about my mss which I left in the car. No luck. Went shopping at eleven/thirty with Daddy – laundry + Drug store too. We went to the Landmark for lunch played 2 keno tickets + 3 quarters in the slot machine. Back after 2. I took a long nap. Nice letter from Ed Royce – and note from Rae Odell who wanted $400 Rent check came in the same mail so I made it over to Rae + sent $50 from N.Y. acct.. with brief note. Paid insurance bill Daddy wrote several post cards. Had expected Les in town today but he couldn’t make it. Alice came for dinner + we had a lovely evening. John Fratilla came by the house with $800 in cash for Dick. I was very frosty although I guess he did the right thing. Tomorrow we go to Reno