When we got home last night I had a very bad time because I mentioned Ana + Armando’s leaving in May for Salvador. I’ve known for ages but I did mention it to Dick when Jack was here on the 15th. Bath night. Dick said he was going to leave me when Daddy left. I cried but to myself because of Daddy + Rich + the wasted life etc. + then Dick changed tack + said he loved me but we must have a pretty mixed up sort of love – Up about 8 – helped set up Daddy’s breakfast + then back to bed. Up at 10:30 Dick + I had breakfast. He left at 11 saying he’d be back for the game. We read + I fixed lunch + turned on our $800 set + all channels was sepia tone. Called Dick who didn’t come home – Marlene was off + he called Jack. But had to bring black + white set into Living Room. I felt badly because I felt Daddy would rather have watched with Dick than me. Friend of Dick’s Bill Hurley called – here from Philly. I gave him the office no. + then called Dick to say “bring him to dinner but Dick had left + came home smashed. I took a Miltown. Had meatballs, salad rice + garlic bread + long tirade on Mary for Dinner. Everyone’s in bed + I am getting drunk. It’s 8:55!!