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Up at 6:20 – Thanks to Dick would never have made it if it hadn’t been for him. Plane left at 7:20. Had coffee + then had breakfast at airport. Took a Ford Galaxce. + went out to Calabasses. George did my hair + I had 1/4 a manicure but she was so slow I had to leave. Met Daddy + Dick at airport at 12:20 + then into Hollywood. Several wrong turns + we got to Leon’s. Delay. Went to look for Restaurant – all closed on Saturdays Nuts! Finally wound up at Cock’n’Bull. Daddy said several times (as he’s said before) I’m so glad your Mother never lived to see me like this. I can’t walk I can’t see I can’t hear. We left Leon’s about 2:45 – with a box of cookies, bread cake etc. I was very unhappy about it. Drove downtown to Bunker hill towers + found them immediately Saw Rich An unhappy unhappy visit because he’s hard to understand + is not coordinated + Daddy can’t hear. It was awful + at one point Rich said “I wish I was dead” + Daddy concurred later – What really bugged + upset me though is that Dick went back on the sauce with a vengeance + here he was a young, healthy man – deliberately making himself – deaf, blind, unsteady + inarticulate. While in the company of two giants in medicine one who would give anything for his faculties. Had pleasant dinner with Mary + Les after – Edith Warner came over + we all went to airport