Dick’s eye hurting so he stayed in bed til 8:30 or so. I gave Jack his instructions for the day. Dick off at nine. I wrote Annie sent $200 to James Enelow – $100 for graduation $100 for wedding. Also wrote Jim Fleming to change my name on Mother’s trust for her grandchildren. Paid phone bill + Reader’s digest. Called Rich Ware to say we’d be early – about 3 – left message with a housekeeper. In the morning did all the preparations for the boeuf Bourgignonne. We put it in the oven at 1:30 after lunch. Daddy + I went to see Eva Jenkins. Had nice visit. Then home via the Safeway. Dick home early. The Bentleys arrived late but it was a really perfect evening. So many people in common with Daddy. The dinner was delicious but that hardly mattered. They didn’t leave til 10:30 + Daddy had a great time. We were into the cooking wine by then but he was a hell of alot soberer than I. Bill + Phoebe are going to have a party for him next Friday.