Quiet day at home for the most part. Had breakfast about 8:45. Then Sat around + read etc. I went out for groceries about 11 o’clock. Picked up a briefcase + rain hat for Shirley’s birthday. We had chowder + sandwich for lunch and about 2:15 went down to the office stopping off to look for boiling onions. Dick had lunch with Bill Rehn who said he’d have the money in 5 days!? Also said that Shirley’s call to the Small Business Association had almost ruined his chances. I told Dick I’d told Shirley to call + furthermore Dick had concurred. Also I think that’s a bunch of con crap. Be that as it may. We had a nice time at the office. I got my onions next door + we left at 3:45. Stopped by Alice Turner”s + Anabel came by. I had coffee + Daddy had a light drink. I called the office to say where we were + Dick had already left so we didn’t stay long. Dick was resting when we got home. Daddy rested a little too. Had hoped J + J would come over for a drink but Joyce had baby Sue there + she was colicky so they didn’t. We ate good dinner at 6:45 – Then watched the Flip Wilson Show which Daddy enjoyed. He went to bed shortly after and then we followed Watched Ironsides and part of African Queen but just couldn’t stay awake. Ana + Armando went to collect money from Nelda.