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An eventful day to say the least – Wendy over about 9. I had been pawing thru the library for Tina’s assignment + am not at all sure – I had the right stuff. Wendy went out taking Ana they went to get Jeffrey’s shots pick up birdseed, paid Dr. Warpenski, took magazines to hospital. went to the bank, bought M.O.’s + went to the P.O. to send the money via registered letter to Ana’s brother. Meanwhile I called Geo Spicer + have appt. Sat. morning. Made reservations for Dick + Daddy at 11 + me at 7:00. Called [crossed out letters] Shirley + Alice + tried to get Eva Jenkins. Dick home at noon. Had run into a piece of reinforced steel + punctured his eyelid. It looked terrible. He rested for a bit Wendy back with Jeffrey (feverish) + Ana + then she took off again in her car with a grocery + booze list. We went to meet Daddy who came in exactly on time. A change of temperature of 100°!! He’d left at 20° below and it was 81 here! He got a look at Dick’s eye + said he’d scraped the eyeball + should get to an Eye Dr. We got an emergency appt with a Dr. Shearing at Rancho + went over – He gave Dick a painkiller and Rx + I got my glasses fixed at Benson’s. Home by five or so. Put the Roast in but it just didn’t get done in time + Daddy went off to bed quite drunk + really exhausted. Poor Ana all upset. Jeffrey screaming. Dick had some ale + I had 3 or 4 drinks + we went to bed early.