Not an excitingly productive day but slogged away in the library cleaning things up + at least made a dent. Have moved alot of books to the bedroom – textbooks, inspirational + books I want to read + some I think Dick might like. There’s the most terrific amount to do in that room. I wrote Marg Haas + Timmy + paid Frontier Roseland, American Express and a 44¢ late charge for the taxes on Bonita. Dick in + out today. Evidently Shirley had told John Painter to work hard + learn what he could as we might get rid of John Fratilla. Whereupon John Painter told John Fratilla that he was going to be fired. Ho Ho Ho. Top marks all the way around for discretion. Weirdly enough however neither John said anything to Dick at all + neither asked for money. I cleaned out living room book shelf + sent a pile of Fulton Sheehan books to Shirley. Went shopping at 4:20 – back a little after 5. Dick home. We watched TV. Casey called + John Fratilla called twice – Tina Anika called later with her incredible sounding assignment on “Victorian Drama.” Said I’d try to help – We all ate in the livingroom + watched TV. Later in the bedroom Dick + I watched “Dr. Cooke’s Garden” – Thriller with Bing Crosby (Last night it was “Dr. Blood’s Coffin”) Nothing to drink again today – Whee!