Dick had nothing to drink today at all. I called the exterminator about our wood pecker + they sprayed. Not allowed to do more but suggested we hang up moth balls. Spoke with Shirley several times – The Fratilla Situation worsening I’m afraid. He wants too much. Anas problems getting a bit thick with her brother coming etc. I called Wendy + asked if she could come over tomorrow or Wednesday to take [crossed out letters] Ana + Jeffrey to be vaccinated. Dick home for a sandwich around eleven o’clock. I went out around one. Went to Sprouse Reitz for odds + ends, + then to the Tropicana to play Newcomb’s $5.00 Played $20 at 21 and left $60.00 richer. Looked all over for yellow wool for Jeffrey’s blanket + finally found it at Vegas Village. Got groceries there too + came home. Dick back already (4:15) so didn’t get anything done at my desk but finished the blanket. We watched TV all evening. John Fratella calls – wanted to see Dick out here Couldn’t “explain on the phone” – Dick said he’d see him at the office tomorrow. John Painter called + wanted to see Dick “alone” tomorrow!!!! Good God – Poor Dick. The bite is on. Note from Liza.