Dick up + over to Jack’s about 10 o’clock To get some sheet metal to discourage the woodpecker. Called to say they were going over to Bell Drive to see what they could salvage from the 3 houses which had been abandoned. Shirley over about noon with a carload of very nice clothes for Ana. Showed her the house. We looked for our Bridge group letters – couldn’t find it. Dick home + smashed about 2. Shirley left at 2:30. Had lovely letter from David Kitchen, note from Mary Haas with photos of new house, letter from Harriet + letter from Newcomb with $5 to put on vingt-six [?] now. Dick off to Health Club + office. I read a book about “Papa Doc” of Haiti. Meant to work on Simply John but couldn’t get started. Dick called + wanted to know if I wanted to go out to dinner. I said “Why don’t we eat here?” + he was angry. I called back to apologize + he said he’d had a sandwich + was going back to the health club. Armando didn’t come home + the dentist called because he’d missed appt. Ana heard from her brother with no mention of her Mother – Nelda called + Said Joaquin had written to say she was better. Armando played 21 + Lost $70. (Told Ana not to tell me) We three ate + then moved furniture around Dick called + I joined him at Jungle club. I had 1 margarita + we came home. He ate a little