Felt a little ghastly this am. Phone rang + it was Ethel Lurvey’s daughter Arlene Bosworth. Told her to call back at noon + come on out. Dick had several calls + left about 11:45. Arlene + Ed Bosworth + son Chet (20) came + had coffee + strudel + we had a very pleasant time. We called Ethel + I spoke to Daddy who’s coming on the 20th. Discovered they were leaving without having seen Circus Circus so persuaded them to stay over + spend the night here. Sat around for a bit waiting to hear from Dick but no word. They left at 3 o’clock. No word from Salvador all day. The strain on Ana must be enormous. Dick has said that we’d lend them airfare. Dick back at 4:30 + we went to the market. We’d invited Jack for dinner. He came a little before 6. Had several drinks, watched the news + I crocheted around squares. Ate at 7 o’clock. Dick didn’t touch his food + I was really upset. He said he’d had something to eat at 4:30 + I said I didn’t care, that this cannot go on. He said “I’ll eat when I’m hungry + that’s it.” Well I’ve really just about had it. Dick is in terrible shape physically + he seems bent on destroying himself. We watched TV after + Ana joined us. Armando came home late. Ed, Arlene + Chet back about 8:30 – Had loved Circus Circus. Joined us for a drink. Dick quite out going + then asleep. Went off to bed at 9:00. I stayed up til 10:30 –