Jim Peppard came over + paid me $40.00 I’d loaned him + Alan Whitehead.

Slept in. Annabel over for coffee at 9 o’clock Was so nice about the house. I do so like her. On her way to class for discussion of her paper. After she left Shirley called + Dick + Lori Shaw were in the office. Dick asked them out. We had a little breakfast before they came. They stayed several hours. A Mr. Pociask came in too. An old friend of Neva + Hermans. Quite a character. Wanted to sell us 2 1/2 acres of land on Pecos just down the road. I told him that after the remodeling job we couldn’t afford the ruler to measure it with. When the house finally emptied I found that Ana was in tears. Nelda had called to say that her husband Joaquin had written + said “Tell Ana that her mother is gravely ill” – She’d been hemorrhaging etc. Gave Ana a miltown + taught her to knit (as a distraction but felt very helpless. Called Dick. Went to Alice Turner’s party for Lucille. Nice time with Pat Moore + Merv Crockett. Called the house + discovered that Dick had decided to go to the swimming pool meeting after all so I stayed at Alice’s. Nice time. Met an Italian girl from Milan + asked her about Nicolo Mattenei she said she’d find out. Home at 8:30 or 9. Had dinner and then got Armando to go out + get some more bourbon + some vodka. We sent a telegram to Salvador asking news of Ana’s mother. Dick home at 1:30 but I was asleep Got a surprise residual for $79.00