Very quiet day Dick up + off at 6:30. to dig a pool. I was up shortly after and worked in the library. Got (over the whole day) 3 or 4 pages written. I read all of Mary Poppins + “Mary Poppins in the park” again. An 18 year span between the two books. Will get the other two at Daltons. So many things I’d forgotten in them. Spoke with Shirley several times + also Dick but didn’t leave the house Fell asleep in the afternoon for a while. Dick home at 5:45. I’d bathed + washed hair for Children’s Guild meeting. Left at 6:30. Stopped + ate at “The Hungry Hermit” + started an interesting book on “Papa Doc” – Haiti’s incredible tyrant. Meeting was at 7:30 in the courtroom. Sat with Annabel. Felt great guilt (Childrens’ Service Guilt) at my complete lack of participation in the last 3 months. Saw plans for new Child Haven. Alice there with Loretta Hartman, Cathleen Cochrane + someone else. Lucy Foley asked if I’d be interested in joining her group. Jim Carmany spoke very movingly. Bill Fain spoke half assedly. Felt quite out of touch + feel there’s a real lack of informative communication. Was home at 9:30 Dick was smashed + we had a pointless sort of tiff – There are plans for a pool at Tenoff hall + when I mentioned it he said “I’m not donating anything.”