Early up. New week. Paid Powell Electric, Home Lumber + Ideal Supply. Our remodeling has cost about $16,500 Will have to figure in detail + wrap it up. Dick left about 9:30 after going for milk for Jeffrey. I wrote the last 3 days of diary. Finished a strange real-life murder trial book + tried to work on Simply John. Couldn’t really get off the ground although finally I managed to get him born. Only 1 1/2 written pages with about 6 discarded but tomorrow should be easier. Alice Turner called. We have a Guild meeting tomorrow evening. Lucille + Mahlon Brown leave town this weekend + Alice is having a small party on Thurs. afternoon. “Miss Evelyn” came to pick up Nelda – I know she wanted me to bring her but I felt it was her turn. I re-read some Mary Poppins to get into the swing of things – There are several of them I don’t have and I want to get. Armando was home this afternoon + he + Ana went to the bank for me + shopping. Paid the mortgage. Only $200 again. next month we’ll pay more. Dick was home about 6 o’clock. Druscilla + Dick called + we talked + then called them back Drue has to have an operation on her foot in May Went to Daddy’s old office – his name still on the door. A Dr. Zsickel (?) is going to operate. We watched TV + knitted. Excellent special of Jacques Cousteau on the Truk Lagoon. Bed about eleven. Marty Lerit left the company today.