Up earlyish and lay about. Dick fixed me bacon + french toast but wouldn’t have any himself. Clyde Schreiber came over about 10:30 or 11 and Dick brought out the scotch. By the time I knew what was happening it was too late. I stuck to coffee. Wimpy called to say they were bringing back the car. Clyde left + Dick took a shower + Wimpy, [crossed out word] June Betty + Art + Pat appeared. Betty + June had drinks. The others had coffee. Everyone looking a little worn out. They left at 3:30 saying they’d call at 7. I called Mary to tell her Daddy was coming and then we went down to the Health Clubs. I discovered I was supposed to have a towel so said I’d come in tomorrow Went to Vegas Village to buy some big towels + a couple of pocket books. Read in the car + waited for Dick who was waiting for me at the Golden Venus. He was furious. We went to the Jungle club for something to eat. he wanted to go to the Valley Bar but instead just went in for a bottle + we went to J + J’s for one drink. They were upset about Dick’s offering Jimmy Judge a job + under the circumstances rightly so. We came back here + were getting in bed when Wimpy called at 7. We begged off + said we’d see them when we went back. I read + Dick slept and it was a nice early evening – Thank God.