Ana says it was a good party + the Philadelphia group left about 2:00 am. We were up around 10 o’clock Still drunk. A bloody Mary did nothing to help. We called Daddy who’s coming on the 19th of Jan. We called Millie + She – Millie not there. [crossed out letters] I switched to beer + Dick had four stiff vodkas + went to sleep. Jimmy Judge came over + had coffee + cake. His daughter has been staying with him + has evidently been breaking his heart. All his savings are gone. She’s on pills + booze + drugs and being a hooker on the side. Dick who was awake told Jimmy  he wanted him to work for him. Jack + Joyce came by about that time, had one drink and left. Jimmy left + Dick went back to sleep. We had a very early dinner + went to bed about 7:30 or so –