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Oh Lord. What a day. Call from Clark Isom jr. Barkis and one black dog had beaten up Scoshe – Dick had to take Scoshe to the Vets and it was decided I should take Barkis to be put away He’s been getting worse and I guess I know it. Took him down to the Animal Shelter + felt just terrible. He wasn’t all bad and probably if he’d been an only dog + had had more love he would -have been all right. Drove to the office and cried on Dick’s shoulder then went to work and typed 3 copies of the Prologue + 3 copies of an outline. Wrote a covering letter to Helga. Also made several Xerox copies plus letter and 1 copy to be registered with the Screen Writer’s guild. Bill Rehn came in (hadn’t gotten my letter (?)) told Dick they should have the money by the 20th of January. (The loan is due Feb 14th) I left – stopped briefly by Alice’s + came home. Fixed salad with Ana + set up table. Betty Isom called to say that Scoshe had died + they felt terribly + didn’t feel like going out. I told her we’d had Barkis put away + how badly we felt blah blah blah. But think it was best they didn’t come. Got dressed + washed hair (reverse order) Ed + Casey the first to arrive and the the Philadelphia Gang – Wimpy + June, Betty + Art, Joe + Fran + Mary. Jack + Joyce next. The whole party stayed in the kitchen almost the whole evening. We remember Ed + Casey leaving + we remember J + J departing but after that it’s a bit of a blank _