Up early. lovely morning but bitter cold. Called Wendy who came over at ten. Dick took papers re “Lion” to office + copied them + brought them back. Wimpy came over + spent the day with Dick. Wendy went to the Safeway for party food, cleaners, camera shop. Hatches Hallmark, Penney’s with Ana’s watch, and Blue chip Stamp place for twin sheets. It took her about 3 1/2 hrs which I had to work on Simply John. I finished chapter one which is going to be a prologue (haven’t reached S.J. yet!) and I typed up an outline for the rest of the book. Sparse but I think it covers the requirements. Actually of course I haven’t the faintest idea of the shape the story will take But I am pleased with the beginning. Also that I got it done. Funny letter from Cotton, Dave + Link, nice notes from Newcomb, Sue Enelow + Les Sholty. Also my horoscope which I haven’t had time to look at (except skim) We had several drinks + dinner with TV. Leon called to say that Helga isn’t going until Wednesday so I have a few more days to get things in shape. Think though that that’s all I’ll do – just get everything very neatly typed up rather than try to rush out more pages We fixed the meat balls for tomorrow night + the garlic bread. Invited J + J, Ed + Casey + Betty + Clark – all accepted.