Temperature down to 12° last night. Cold cold cold. Dick off around ten – I read another mystery – a good one. Ana’s friend Julia over. Kept the dogs in the library. Spoke with Alice Turner at some length. Paid taxes on Bonita. Worked on Simply John and got quite a bit done. Lovely letter from Hilary, a nice one from Timmy + my letter to Newcomb + Anne returned. Ana + I went to the store about 3 o’clock. Had the antifreeze checked in the car. Bought groceries. Home. Armando had 3 teeth out + was miserable. Has to go back Friday. Dick at a swimming pool meeting so I worked more on Simply John. Then typed up what I’ve got. Two and a fraction pages. Spoke with Wendy + said I couldn’t afford her for a while. Dick back at 7:45. Leon called + asked me for “the first chapter” of the new story and copies of important papers indicating I own “Lion .” He must have them Sat. morning Special Delivery for Helga to take to N.Y. That means some concentrated work tomorrow + I’m going to need Wendy to get Friday’s party on. I knitted some sqs + we watched TV after good dinner.