Up at 9:30 or so – still a little drunk. Went to the Valley Bank to see Jack Kiser + get the loan for George + Pat Garrett. Went to their store with a check for $4,925.00 + they were delighted. George gave us a couple of glasses of white wine and I made the first toast, “Fuck 1970” _ It went over big with George. Went down to the store + Dick’s Philadelphia gang came by – Wimpy + June Binder, Betty + Arthur Clark. Pat Grant + later Joe (?) + Fran. Went over to Country Quarters for 3 or 4 drinks – pretty raucous gathering. They wouldn’t let Dick pay + that was great. We left them all there. Stopped in at the Store + John had a signed contract with another financing deal for 1400.00. I told him we were not in the financing business. That we had put $90,000 into the business + were prepared to kiss it all good bye rather than invest another dime. I resented it most because Dick had already told him on the Grady pool that we wouldn’t do it again. Came home. Sent Nelda back in a cab. Lay down for an hour or so. Jack over + then George + Pat with a huge candle. Funny time. In the middle Dick disappeared + went to bed! They left right after. Dick didn’t eat any dinner. I ate + drank more + then to bed