Ross Linebaugh over early today. Went down to the office with Dick. Marty called to say the Michelburgers are very unhappy with the brickwork + won’t accept it. I wrote cards to Eddie Royce + Norman + Miriam. Sent in Profiles renewal for Browns Dick home around two – the worse for wear He went to bed and I lay down + read “Front Fishing in America” which I loved. Watched some TV. Mrs. Michelburger called + Dick after starting off reasonable started to yell at her. I got upset. Then Dick mad at me. He drove me over to her house to see the Brick work and with the exception of one join I don’t see anything wrong with it. Mailed letters and came home. Had a drink + watched TV with dinner. Dick went to meet his ‘friends’ plane which was over an hour late. Missed them. So came back + got me + we went to the Stardust to find them – A whole gang. Wimpy + June very nice. Brought them back here for some drinks + lent them the VW. They left about 2:30 am! Scotty called in the early evening Said he had the sudden feeling that I [crossed out word] am going to win an oscar!