James Enelow married to Jean Waugh.

Had my hangover early – about 2 am – Took an alka seltzer + felt fairly decent this morning. Wild windy day with snow in the valley and on the black mountains. Dick went out to help Clyde Schreeber with the brick work on Michelburger’s pool. I ordered some flowers for James + Jean and spent the day at my desk. Wrote some 2 weeks or so of last year’s diary and wrote long letter to Daddy + thank you notes to Leon (w/commision), Patsy + Abby + Annie. Sent Xmas card to Casey’s Dad and paid Terminix + garbage bills. Ana + Armando went grocery shopping I took the ornaments off the tree + boxed them When Dick came back he was upset because he’d wanted it for his friends from Philadelphia who arrive tomorrow. He went  to bed for a rest after some chop suey + then got up for dinner 3 hrs. later. Had stopped by J + J’s who were re-crocked + who’d also lost $80 last night!!! Bed early – watched TV + knitted.