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Happy New Year

Woke about 9:30 or ten. Called Mom, Cassie + George. Called Daddy who said he’d come out after the 10th. Called Colby (They’re coming out in April + Cassie in June) + called Leon. We gave Ana + Armando the day off + after lounging around went over to J + J’s for black-eyed peas. Well it was a hell of a drunken party. Oddly enough Dick + I drank ourselves sober. We ate around 4:00 + left at 5. Jack + Joyce are going on the wagon tomorrow (?) + don’t count today as part of 1971. Maybe we’d better not either! We went to Frank’s + drank more + played the slot machine + lost $80.00 Came home about 6:20. Had a fight (not serious) about the dogs (Not too clear now what about the dogs) + went to bed.

This is a new year and I hope it will be a good one for us and for our friends – for Leon, for Harold, for the Garretts – for Eddie Royce – for all of us. And I pray that Bill Rehn will not let us down.