Paid Bills – mortgage, Hayes service, Western Union etc. Made 4 more pies. Wrote letter to Bill Rehn asking him to please come in + give us some more details. Went to Safeway for 2 bottles of cold duck + one of bourbon for Pat Garrett. Went to Valley Bank to cash check + get new signature cards. Bank of Nevada to deposit “Rome” salary. Desert Inn Distinctive Apparel to leave a pie for Jan + Jim Goldsmith – She’s been ill. Went to Dave Abbatangelos + left a pie then Lee’s office equipment for 1971 diary + paper. Then to office Dick + Shirley + I had lunch + talked about the Garrett’s affairs + decided to lend them $5,000 rather than let them borrow from that terrible finance co. Called Jack Kiser who will lend the money to me (or rather Dick + me) + then will set up a collection acct. Shirley called Pat who was happy. Got copy of letter to Bill Rehn + mailed it. Met George Hall on the corner of 3rd + Charleston + gave him pie + cold duck. Then rammed the rear of his truck. Oh dear. Bought booze + a few odds + ends + came home just as the Amway man drove up. Bought soap for along time. Dick home – Harold Stern called. May be the Entertainment Editor for a new N.Y. dailey – The N.Y. American – all fingers crossed. I could be his correspondent. Here in Vegas as it might be fun. John Fratella came with $1,000 check. Jack + Joyce came at 7. We had a lovely pot roast dinner at 8:30. Then Ana + Armando went out + we played Poker while the self cleaning oven cleaned. They left at 11 for the Landmark. Ed + Casey + Clark + Betty came to see in the New Year. Ana + Armando + Nelda called.