Wrote some thank you notes – Mom, Carl + Sue, Newcomb + Anne, Hil + Jim + the Keenans. Cards to David Kitchen, long one to Cordelia, George + Pat Garrett + Harvey Levinson. Paid phone bill, dog licenses, forwarded Annie’s card from Mary + wrote the Fresh Air fund that I am Michels not Hobbs. The rent check arrived + I wanted to go to the bank but Dick had my car keys + the VW battery was dead! Nelda here + I couldn’t get her home. Dick back at 4 so got to bank after all + returned Nelda, took laundry + cleaning, got M.O’s for Ana and bought groceries Home at 5:30. Mary called – James is getting married to Jean Waugh on Saturday at 2 in the afternoon. She’s 5 years older than he is + he’s only 21. Her parents names are Alga + Yandal (?!) Mary had called last night + talked with Dick who had relayed the message but it hadn’t penetrated. Bed early Annie called to say she’d gotten home safely. We watched “Lilies of the Field.”