Ana + Armando off to get Nelda + to go exchange the dress Armando bought for Ana Armando a little sour on the subject. Dick + I worked on the puzzle + almost finished it. [crossed out letter] Marlene stopped by for “ten minutes” to see the house + she helped finish the puzzle. She was here for almost 2 hours when we decided we had to go feed “poor Coco” She’s a dear girl but can’t stop talking. So finally she left + we went over to J + J’s to feed Coco. They were home + had been on the verge of calling us. We went through a quart and a half of vodka + came home. Then when Dick went to sleep I decided to call a cab + go to the Hacienda. Armando took me instead. I thanked him + told him to go home. Thank God he didn’t. I lost $290 and they wouldn’t cash another check for me + I was about to go to Frank’s when there was Armando to take me home. Dick was furious but then amazingly understanding. I have decided on one resolution for 1971. No more going to casinos by myself.