We were all up around 8 or 9 _ Miss Evelyn called about Nelda so Armando had to take her back We gave her $10 and some perfume. When he got back we opened our stockings. Everybody happy. Lovely presents. J + J gave us glasses towels and a hangover book A tray from Jim + Hil with a photo of the homestead on it I was out done + a scarf for me + belt for Dick. book + poinsettia from Newcomb + Anne. A lovely kitchen set from Mary + Les + a shirt for Dick. Placemats (very clever) from Timmy, flowers from Mom, Cassie + George, a bowl from Patsy + Abby – Cheese from the Keenans + cheese from Carl + Sue. Books and a gorgeous sweater from Annie and a beautiful shirt for Dick. Ana + Armando gave me a vanity case and and 2 pairs of trousers for Dick Dick was the cook today. He fixed the turkey + the stuffing + sweet potatoes and drop biscuits and we set a really lavish + elegant table. Alice dropped by around two + had some fresca. Took a box of “people crackers” over to the Millers. We had expected John Painter for dinner but he never showed. We ate around 4. Newcomb called which was nice and Annie after several hours of trying got through to her parents – It was really a very nice day Dick gave me a very pretty dress