Wendy over early. She hung ribbons + stapled xmas cards to them. Then she wrapped presents for me. I’d finished with the stocking presents but still had alot to go + Dick wanted me to get down to the office. Annie was off to try and find John White. Got to the office about 1:30 – Went + bought sweater set for Armando at Scotty’s castle The store did $261.00 of business today. Whee. We had a sort of office party around three opened presents + had vodka + grapefruit juice. Shirley gave us a really nice set of town + country stainless steel kitchen silver. Our present to Shirley + Marlene a success. only gave the guys a bottle. We came home about 5. The little tree out doors all lit up + crazy decorations that Ana + Wendy + then Annie had made – we had drinks – Eddie Royce called + had been mugged the night before + spent the night at Belvue Hospital. By playing dead he’d scared his assailants off without even taking his money but he was badly beaten. Scotty called to wish us Merry Christmas + Freddie of Freddie + Billy. Ana + Armando went out after dinner to get Nelda. I took a small gift to Alice Turner + asked her to come by tomorrow.