Up around nine or so. Wrote cards. – It’s a losing battle but one I’m determined to see through to the end. without regard to the date. We took Annie’s car to the Enco station + left it + then took her to the beauty parlor while Ana + I shopped. When the cash register said $74.90 I almost died. Brought Ana home + unloaded the groceries + went back for Annie. Went to get the car + it had 3 new tires on it – $116 but they have a lifetime guarantee. We went to the bank + got some money and then over to the Blvd. Had a nice lunch at Sir George and then went shopping. I bought a watch + a slack suit for Ana, a mobile and exerciser + pajamas for Jeffrey, Socks for Dick, [crossed out letter] 5 color-paks for the polaroid and a great assortment of stocking presents at Hallmark including radios (!) for Dick + Armando. We hung the stockings – Had good dinner – Dick straight off to bed. I stayed up + talked with Annie bed late