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Call at 5 – The coffee a godsend. Drove to the studio in pouring rain + pitch dark. Shared a trailer with Adele Claire My part infinitesimal but she had no lines at all. Wore blue chiffon. Bob Christianson the wardrobe man. Danced with John Howard + John Forsythe Stepped on all feet. Leon came over with Bob Kennealy. Leon + I went back to the Roosevelt, I packed + checked out. We went to his office + had lunch at Frascatti’s. Then I did a few cards in his office, changed reservation to 9:30 called Dick. Left at 4:45 for Mary’s. Got there about 5:45. Patsy + Abby there looking very tall + dear. Mary in great shape + Les too. Had a good, good time Lamb dinner. Left for airport at 8:20 + got lost. Then couldn’t find Avis return. Made the plane with only minutes to spare. Dick met me with the news Annie had had a fire in her house + is coming tomorrow night. Good God!