Went to Leon’s ten o’clock Leon + Dick went to get Helga Moray. Dick fixed breakfast for us all while she + I talked She’s genuinely enthusiastic about “The Lion Is Busy” She’s taking a copy to New York and one to England. I liked her alot. Dick Leon + I drove her back to her sister’s. She called to say how much she’d liked us. We opened Leon’s Christmas presents – Dick left at 3:30 for L.V. taking gifts with him. Leon + I tallied His financial state really bad. Told him we could help in another couple of months. If only Bill Rehn would come through Dick called to say he’d gotten home. I went to the Roosevelt, had a few drinks + got my thermos filled with coffee. Wakeup for 5 am.

Helga Moray 3A                                                                                                     Albert Hall Mansions                                                                                       Kensington Gore                                                                                                 London S.W. 7