Woke up bright + early Poor Dick in bad humor w/no sleep. Got a little in the morning. He left at 9:00. The carpenters back + we told them that if they need more help to hire it as we’re getting anxious. I called the hospital to say I wouldn’t be in. I wrote a birthday card to David Cleveland + wrote checks to Patsy + Abby + then $50 for Debbie + $100 for David Enelow as a belated graduation present. I called Harold Stern who got the money I called Mr. Breen to come + clean up more construction mess, paid American express, telephone bill + WMK for concrete. Ana + I went shopping at noon. The dime machine hit last night at 6 o’clock. Bought a playtex nursing outfit for Jeffrey. Muy complicado! Mr. Breen here at 2 o’clock. I told him he could have the cooler + the fuse panel + he was delighted – Don’t know how he got them down but he did. Went to the office at 3 – Met John Fratilla today + I liked him. There is a “petting zoo” in the Charleston Plaza mall + Dick + I went in the animals just dear + so friendly. Went to the Show boat + won $42 Mailed everything but checks to David + Debbie. Ana + I stayed on strict diet today Good dinner + Dick who had a miltown at 4 o’clock pretty good. He’ll feel so much better when this weight is off. We watched TV and I knitted. Have decided to make a blanket for Jeffrey for Xmas. Excellent exercise for hand. Spooky movie on TV.