Cold – and I wish our house were finished I did a little work in the office but not much. Went to the hospital at eleven. Saw Dr. Bigford as well as Mrs Lott + he said my progress was “beautiful” Took a paper from Challenge Cook to Dick + then drove him over to Dave’s _ We had to wait over an hour + didn’t learn anything when we got there. Had lunch downstairs. I went to Bank of Nevada + deposited rent check + Bank of Las Vegas + got cash + to the cleaners + Safeway. Played the dime machine + was winning but had to leave. Came home + called a lady for Nelda who is looking for a new job. Her sister is interested + said she’d call back Took Nelda home + came back to the house. Dick home at 6:30 + a little edgy we had roast beef for dinner + then went to bed + watched television. Nelda’s other lady never did call. Dick had a rotten night + didn’t sleep