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Daylight Saving over.

Timmy called Leon called – Shirley off about 10 – We lay around – Made love – ate cantelope – finally bathed + packed. Gave Scotty Leon’s cookies + said good bye about 11:30 – Got to Burbank at two + had a leisurely lunch. Lovely clear day + we both hated to leave. Met Shirley’s brother + sister-in-law – Quick flight back. Jerry + the girls there to meet Shirley. Jack came for us. A little smashed. We came home, changed + went over to J + J’s. Danny + Marge + baby Sue there. Climate a little drunk. Had some soup + came home. Ana Armando + Nelda here. Bed about 8:15 – Leon had called. Was out when we called back. My hand alot better. Letter from James Enelow – Message from Cassie House all clean. Tomorrow we diet.

Bagpipes at Burbank airport to welcome the new Irish consul.